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Gross Monster Lesbian Manifesto



Okay so it’s not that dramatic but basically it stemmed from the complaint that the whole Monster dudes with cute chicks has become tired and cliche. Don’t get me wrong, I love these kind of pairings, Hellboy, Mister Freeze ( heck, any of the male batman rogues )

but let’s change it up a bit, and since lesbians are under represented in the mainstream I thought I’d make this specifically a girl x girl challenge.

The official tag is beauty and beast lesbian challenge

 Nate brought up that the word “beauty” might be a bit misleading.

The human girl doesn’t have to be your typical beauty, we’ll let you interpret that how you wish <3

but basically it’s a human girl + gross monster girl.

I’m happy so many people seem to like this idea!





and here’s some blogs just for monster girls




Great idea! Though we’re one of those monster dudes/human girl blogs I’m sure there are at least some folks here who would be interested in participating. Let’s have some fun and give the cute monster lady pairings some love too, everyone!

Signal boost! Monster ladies are equally awesome.

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